Organic Electronic Materials

Design and synthesis of new organic semiconductors for organic electronics, and fundamental understanding of the associated electronic processes.

New electronic constituents including donors, acceptors and quinoidal building blocks are developed to offer both chemistry tools and new material design rules for high performance electronic materials.

Recent publications:

Liu, X.; He, B.; Anderson, C.; Kang, J.; Chen, T.; Chen, J.; Feng, S.; Zhang, L.; Kolaczkowski, M.; Teat, S.; Brady, M.; Zhu, C.; Wang, L.; Chen, J.;* Liu, Y.* “para-Azaquinodimethane: a Compact Quinodimethane Variant as an Ambient Stable Building Block for High Performance Low Band Gap Polymers”, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2017, 139, 8355-8363.

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Prof. Junwu Chen, South China University of Technology

Prof. Amparo Navarro, Universidad de Jaen

Dr. Chenhui Zhu and Dr. Alex Hexemer, ALS@LBL

Prof. Jianwei Xu, National University of Singapore